Eight months of no social media, free from the phone prison, the “cell” phone as we call it, free from the toxicity and negativity going on in the world right now. I spent this past year deeply learning more about myself, really digging inside my mind and focusing on the inner and “shadow” work. Just really figuring out who I am and what my greater purpose is on this earth. To be honest, I wore a “mask” nightly, a smile on my face, surrounded by what every man dreams of being around, but was hiding and running away from a much deeper inner issue inside of me. I admit I once had a drug addiction problem in my past, but I am now completely clean and sober for about a year now. I made a promise and pact with myself that I will never consume hard alcohol or drugs ever again.

I’ve been spending the majority of my time writing a book, a memoir on my life and personal experiences over the last decade in this fickle industry. Revealing the truth behind nightlife, my struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, acceptance, love and depression, every single inch of it. Just a real and raw edit through my eyes and personal friendships, a-list relationships, and real life experiences. I will also be deeply talking about the tragedy that occurred in 2017, the text messages, the truth, every detail, every bit and piece of it. All the false allegations and fake speculations will finally be put to rest, the truth will unveil and be told.  

Also, this will be the last time I speak on here about this subject: I want to make it very clear that I did not give any illegal substances to the woman who passed that day in 2017, nor did I give anyone any illegal substances to give to her. Her death was unfortunate and saddening. I don’t wish bad upon anyone and never wish to see anything like this happen to anybody. But to be clear, my language used that morning did not in any way cause her death. I also want to make it very clear that I got her approval to give her phone number to the person whom she was later hanging out with that morning, she was a thirty year old woman who made her own decisions to hangout with who she wanted to. She had her own message exchange with the person she was hanging out with in which she later decided she wanted to continue to party and hang else where with this person and others. I did indeed check on her after her last text message to me and made she sure she was ok before I had walked her and three others out my door that morning where everyone appeared in good spirits and in good shape. I later learned, she continued to party at a friends place, where she was found unresponsive and not breathing five hours after she left my home, where I was not present. 

For the record, the person that twisted this story and confused everyone about this 2017 tragedy with his instagram page full of bullying and harassment, is the same person that has been destroying lives for years. He is the root of the confusion on this entire situation. He ran a gossip/fake news website for years, where he would talk sh*t, harass and bully people. His source of living is based off destroying peoples lives with misleading information and fake news and watching others torment each other with aliases and fake names in the comment section. He was continually making posts about me in 2017, he or someone else was commenting under his own blog posts with my name “Eli Wehbe” to make it look like it was me. I never once replied or responded to any of his posts. He now ran this story with misleading information to gain clout for his instagram page and continued to post and bash me for likes, comments, and attention in an extremely cruel way. For those of you that believed that I said any of those messages, I’m sorry, but it wasn’t me. I would never tell anyone to come after party at the club to celebrate someone’s death. Once again, those messages are fake. However, I am deeply sorry and take full accountability and responsibility for the language and substance of the texts that I did write that morning— that information I willingly gave to the police to help with their investigation when they came to my home—those same text messages were stated in a civil lawsuit that was made by the lawyers of the parents of the woman that passed. 

A civil lawsuit is a lawsuit based on non-criminal statues, which is usually measured in money aka a personal injury case. What you guys had read online is NOT a police report, it’s a one sided complaint in a civil lawsuit filled with misstatements filed against several others as well, not the reality of the situation. In reality, I did not orchestrate that morning or “assign” anyone to anybody, everyone made their own choices and did what they wanted to do, no one forced anyone to do anything. The lawyers of the parents created their own malicious storyline and got people to believe it to gain some traction, leaving out the majority of the truth by not exposing the police report and strategically only using certain text messages to make their narrative believable. 

The unfortunate reality is, people only hear what they want to hear.  They don’t care about facts anymore. Most will interpret what they hear into a narrative that fits into what they believe and no matter what, they will always believe that their ideas are correct. I’ve also noticed that people will interpret facts differently if it challenges their personal beliefs, group identity or moral values. There had been people bullying and harassing me, my friends and family, people really trying to tear me down, this problem usually stems from some inner anger issues people go through and this is a way for them to release and reflect it back onto others. I wish you all nothing but the best and hope you find true happiness in your hearts and in your lives. Unfortunately, people that are mentally weak, with no strong mind set would be suicidal having to deal with and read the bullying I was currently going through. I admit I had some terrible language that morning that I sincerely apologized for, but again that language did not result in or cause her death and I know damn well if we were to go through majority of anyone’s phones, text messages and group chats they have or had said some awful words that they did not truly mean and would most definitely not want any of it publicized. This “cancel culture” society we live in gives nobody a chance to learn from their mistakes, gives nobody a chance to grow, learn or evolve—truly a sad world we currently are living in.

I’ve found inner peace in my life through different physical and mental practices, meditations and daily routines that has really paid off and has been the best life accomplishment and reward out there. I’m going to be focusing my career now in health and wellness, my true passion. Also, I am currently running 100 miles a week or more, training to complete and compete in some of the toughest foot races out there (ULTRA marathons) and will be documenting the experience. Just know with anything that you do, you will be judged, some will hate you, some will love you and you will be thrown in different situations and tests that will ultimately aid you or drain you. It’s your choice and your mindset on how you perceive these challenging situations, most importantly, your reaction and your efforts towards it all, the good and the bad, that will ultimately and truly make all the difference. I hope my journey through thick and thin as a well-versed and serial entrepreneur, nightlife mogul and a plant based avid marathon and long distance runner will inspire others to seek a bright and fulfilling future, to live a positive, meaningful and healthy lifestyle. I hope my story creates a path of light for a greater good, for all mental, physical and spiritual health aspects. Book release date coming soon.

Much love.